Menstrual cycle occur for how many days

Mc(menstrual cycle) It is also known as the period we generally called it as periods because periodically it happened with us every month.

periods occur when girls’ bodies go on changing hormones.

What is periods? (menstrual cycle)

The cycle does not occur with every girl at the same age. It is a hormonal change that occurs in a girl’s body. Sometimes It can depend on many things…

  • What she eats
  • Way of working
  • Where she live and what is the height of that place.

For a normal girl is occur one time in a month. According to the cycle is can come in 28-35 days. It means it is for 28 days long as only for an average girl.

When a lady is pregnant then the cycle will stop and after delivery it can stay for 1 month regular.

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In which age it occurs?

Basically menstrual cycle can occur at the age of 13. It’s all about what did you eat and also how heavy work you do. sometimes it occurs because if you will do work very hard and as long then it can come too early.

Physiology says when you got your periods you will not grow more. It’s just because your growth will start decreasing.

Symptoms of menstrual cycle:-

At the very first the major symptom of the menstrual cycle is a pain in the abdomen, headache, back pain, cramps, leg pain.

 Cycle occur for how many days:-

It occurs for 3-5 days but sometimes it can be for 7 days approx. but when it is fr more the 7 then you should go to the doctor’s. It can be a big problem.

When does the Period stop?

Menstrual cycle generally stops at the age of 45-50. Sometimes it can be continued after 50year also but it is only for very little time.

What should be avoided:-

When the menstrual starts you should avoid sour things. Actually it increase the flow of the menstrual cycle. you also should avoid pickles.

During menstrual pain cramp, you should not take medicine because t affect our body and also the flow the blood gradually increases.

When to consult with a doctor:-

The flow of blood increases it means according to your regular flow when it increases then you need to consult with the doctor.

When you stay as long for more than 14 days then you need to consult with doctor because it can be a very big problem.


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