How To protect Yourself From Corona Naturally

Corona is very trending nowadays what it is? yes, the corona is one of the viruses. Basically everyone is scared about this corona virus. So No need to worry about it Here in this article you will know some clue through which you can protect yourself from coronavirus.

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you should do………………………………… To protect yourself from corona

  • Stay away from an asthma patient
  • Wash you hand every hour or you can use sanitizer
  • Take some amount of sunlight every day at least once
  • Don’t use Ac.
  • Eat raw garlic every morning
  • Use the mask.
  • Drink warm water.

Take some amount of sunlight every day at least once:-

Sunlight plays an important role in our life for anything not only for corona buy it is good for everything. Basically sunlight can burn virus so you need to take it.

Eat raw garlic every morning:-

Garlic can keep our immune system strong and corona or any virus mostly affect when your immune system is weak So you should take it in the raw stomach.

Use mask:-

Using the mask is very important to protect yourself from any virus. It protects us from inhaling polluted air.

Wash your hand:-

Washing your hand is good on a regular basis. Wash your hand with sanitizer every hour will keep yourself away from the corona.

Don’t use Ac:-

Keep yourself away from Ac It cant kill viruses.

Drink warm water:-

Drink warm water at least once in a day will help you in may things like it will help you to keep yourself healthy and also will kill all the viruses. It reduces abdomen fat very soon.





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