How to Increase eyesight in a week

How to increase your eyesight in a week. The eye is an important part of our body. It is a very sensitive part. The shape of our eyes is oval. Iris is found in our eyes. It is a colored part of our eyes.

Nowadays the light of our eyes goes away long before age. many adults also face this problem. At the age of 18 that is considered as tin age, they lose their eyesight very soon. So without any further lets How to increase your eyesight in a week begin……

Eyes contain following part:-

  • Iris (colored part of our eyes)
  • Cornea (Cornes is a transparent part in our eyes)
  • Pupil (Blackhole located at the center of the Iris)
  • The sclera ( It is an outer layer of the eyeball )
  • Conjunctiva

Tips How to increase your eyesight in a week

  • Do yoga
  • Regular exercise
  • Eat carrot
  • Take proper sleep
  • Give rest to your eyes
  • Avoid smoking.

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Do yoga:-

Regular exercise:-

Exercise plays an important role in our life. It keeps our body fit. If you will do exercise daily even for some time, You can increase your eyesight in a very small period of time.  It will keep your body fit and healthy. you know Exercise is an important thing that you can do for your health vision of our eyes also a part of health.

For eyesight is an important part it increases our vision very fast in very little time.

There are different exercise for our eyesight which can improve our eyesight

  • Blinking
  • Palm rubbing
  • Eyes rotation
  • eyeballs rotation
  • focus on a point(i.e at the nib of the needle)


It is a part of the exercise which help us to improve our eyesight. It should be done in a very sequential manner.

we have to sit properly on a chair or wherever you want or u feel comfortable.

Blink your eyes about 20-25 times.

After this process close your eyes for 25 seconds.

Relax your eyes.

repeat this step for at least 5-6 times.

Palm rubbing:-

Rub your eyes with your hand until you feel relaxed. It is one of the best exercises to increase vision. It helps our eyes muscles to feel relax.

Eyes rotation:-

Rotating our eyeball from one side to another (i.e from one direction to another ). rotation of eyeball from left to right right to left upward to downward and downward to upward is an important part of our rotation. It helps our muscles to active our eye muscles.

Focus on a point (i.e at the nib of the needle):-

Take a pointer and keep it away about 15 inches from you.

Focus on the pointer very properly.

Slowly move the pointer toward you and slowly move it away from you.

Again focus on the pointer for a while.

Do it 10 times it will help you to increase your eyesight very soon.


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